I’m Emily Bitz. I’m 23 years old and only vaguely starting to figure out what to do with my life. I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia!
I spent 2013 living in Munich, Germany as an au pair for a crazy German family. I made amazing friends and it sparked my interest in travel more than I expected. I got to see lots of Europe and make amazing memories in places like London, Paris and Budapest (to name a few). I came back and completed almost two years of marketing/business related courses, then decided yet again to take off. I backpacked Central America alone for 3 months, which was equally as amazing, but totally different.
Now I am back in school for the third time, and I am hoping somehow this will lead me to a career in teaching English abroad, becoming a flight attendant, or something else that will allow me to travel and be financially free.
For now, I am enjoying being busy and trying to fit in travel whenever possible, while always planning the next big trip. I enjoy writing, drinking beer and coffee, reading, hiking, country music, healthy eating and learning about nutrition, and reading tons and tons of travel blogs for inspiration. I have many favorite places from Germany to Portland to Guatemala.

Next trip: Vietnam and Cambodia in January.



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